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10 Signs Your Marriage Will End in Divorce

There are multiple telltale signs that indicate your marriage may be headed toward divorce, including cheating, domestic violence and substance abuse.

Refusing advice from friends and family could also be seen as an indicator that neither party are interested in salvaging the marriage.

Your marriage could be on the brink of dissolution if it lacks physical intimacy, including not only sexual but other forms of intimacy as well. Infidelity alone might not signal its demise; physical intimacy includes all forms of physical contact.

1. You don’t respect your partner

Respect is one of the cornerstones of a healthy marriage, and if either partner doesn’t feel they deserve the same level of consideration from each other it could cause major issues in the union and lead to divorce proceedings.

Putting down or publicly airing their personal matters can be seen as an indicator that one doesn’t respect them and this could lead to infidelity and divorce as a result of marriage infidelity.

Failing to listen when friends and family offer advice for saving your marriage is also an indication that you do not value their opinions and are unwilling to change anything in your relationship – two surefire indicators that your marriage could soon end in divorce.

2. You don’t communicate

Communication is key in any marriage and when both partners feel they can’t talk freely with one another, that can be a telltale sign that your union may be struggling. If this sounds familiar to you and your marriage, don’t delay in seeking advice as soon as you suspect problems exist – take immediate steps now before it is too late!

Disagreements between partners don’t need to be detrimental, but it is crucial that any issues be discussed and resolved quickly and amicably – otherwise they can lead to resentment and diminish intimacy in your relationship.

An important red flag is when you and your partner disagree about having children, which can significantly strain the relationship and alter it in many ways. If there is disagreement here, it could be time to explore divorce as an option.

3. You’re not in love with your partner

When your spouse starts looking less and less forward to spending time together, that could be a telltale sign you’ve lost passion for each other and prefer focusing on other interests such as friends or hobbies instead of them.

Once in love, partners can easily become discontented with one another and begin disliking one another more and more, leading to jealousy or comparison with other people and leading to feelings of inadequacy or comparison between partners. Any little thing they say or do becomes irritating to you. You might start fantasizing about living without them as another clear indicator that love has changed; while other behaviors like ignoring texts or blocking calls could spell disaster for the relationship.

4. You don’t feel close to your partner

Though no one wants to discuss whether their spouse has had an affair or are considering divorce, if your relationship has become estranged and no longer shares your passions or cares for each other’s wellbeing, then perhaps now may be the time for you and your partner to consider that the marriage has no future.

Maintaining healthy and appropriate arguments between partners is vitally important, yet when disagreements escalate into personal attacks or criticism of one partner over the other, professional relationship advice might be in order. When arguments over toothpaste caps or trash are the source of significant discord in relationships, professional relationship guidance may be the solution.

One telltale sign of troubled marriages is when partners refuse to compromise on any issue, leading them down the path toward emotional separation and eventually divorce.

5. You’re constantly fighting

Arguing with your spouse is an inevitable part of marriage; however, when this fight turns into a continual argument that indicates its trouble.

Couples in constant disagreement tend to avoid discussing important issues or finding solutions for issues, leading to emotional distance and resentment between themselves.

Another telltale sign your marriage is in trouble is when you start daydreaming of living alone or with someone else. While it is normal for married people to contemplate what life would be like without their partner from time to time, if this daydreaming persists over an extended period of time it might be time for counseling – as one of the key indicators your union could end in divorce; marriage counseling offers the best hope of saving it altogether!

6. You’re not in love with your partner

If your passion has faded for someone in your relationship, it might be time to part ways. Even if there have been difficult times before, if things seem to be unravelling now it might not be worth saving.

If everything your partner does annoys or you find yourself paying more attention to their flaws than the things that once brought you together, this could be a telltale sign that love has faded significantly and divorce may soon follow.

On the other hand, just because there aren’t constant arguments doesn’t guarantee your marriage’s health either. Couples that refuse to fight in an appropriate manner will ultimately separate. If every conversation with your partner results in an argument instead of understanding or passion for one another then this could be a warning sign – or it might already be too late.

7. You’re not in love with your partner’s career

Even healthy couples experience difficult moments. But if your marriage has become stagnant and you cannot seem to shake its rut, it might be time to consider divorce as a solution.

An alarm bell goes off when both you and your partner express contempt for each other – such as eye rolls, scoffs and “whatever” comments. If this behavior continues unchecked it may be time to consult a therapist.

Money issues can be one of the leading causes of divorce, so it is crucial that they are discussed prior to marriage. If either partner seems careless with finances or has significant debts, this may indicate that something may be amiss in your relationship. Money problems may also contribute to lack of intimacy which can wreak havoc with relationships – counseling may help address such problems effectively.

8. You’re not in love with your partner’s hobbies

While every couple is unique and no two marriages end the same way, there are certain telltale signs that might signal that your relationship could be headed for divorce. Daydreaming about life outside your marriage or forming contingency plans just in case things go awry could be telltale signs that things could soon go sour between partners – both could indicate imminent breakdown.

Ignoring friends and family who offer advice about saving your marriage could also be an early indicator that something may be wrong with it. Even if they seem unnecessary at the moment, taking their advice seriously might save it later on down the line. Ignoring warning signs like this one could set off an emotional distance and potential divorce down the road – and may ultimately result in messy and expensive separation proceedings.

9. You’re not in love with your partner’s friends

Divorce should never be taken lightly, especially after years or decades of marriage. But if the thought of divorce keeps crossing your mind every time your and your partner quarrel, or they do something minor to annoy you, that could be a telltale sign that your union may be faltering.

An obvious sign your marriage may be headed toward disaster is when your partner treats you with disrespect – which could include insults, disrespect and dismissal of family and friends as well. This could also signal troubled waters; without working this out with each other it may result in divorce proceedings being filed for. If any of these 15 warning signs appear in your marriage take immediate steps to save it!

10. You’re not in love with your partner’s family

Couples typically engage in conversations and arguments; however, if these disagreements escalate into ongoing feuds that never seem to end or you find yourselves constantly at odds, this could be a signal. Also if your partner seems distant from his/her family – no longer attending events together or visiting parents regularly for example – should also raise red flags. It may be worth discussing further how best to manage such issues before it becomes an irreparable rift in your relationship.

Emotional abuse can also be a telltale sign of trouble in a marriage, so if your partner starts using abusive language or making you feel as though they no longer love you it’s time to act immediately. Ignoring you may also signal trouble; when this occurs it could be time to seek legal representation as this might mean seeking a divorce lawyer and potentially ending things entirely if that becomes necessary – oftentimes though this process can be challenging but ultimately best for both partners involved.

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