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Thursday, 14 January 2016

This post could also be titled: How to dress like an Oxonian.  Which is the proper term for those who live in Oxford.  Oxfordite? Oxfordonian? - nope, Oxonian.  As with anything here in this wonderful city, there is a proper name for it.

I have really enjoyed the fashion here in Oxford.  It's a funny mix.  Part of it feels like anything goes (it's not uncommon to see a 60+ woman with short, bright pink hair!) and though I'm not sporting the pink hair trend, I can be more adventurous here style-wise than back home in Toronto.  The other part is that there's a proper (that word again) vibe to the city which encourages more straight forward attire.  It's the student thing.  Though, this student vibe does not mean sweatpants and hoodies.  People take more pride in what they look like!  I have especially appreciated the effort that men put into their attire.  Wool pea coats, great shoes, collared shirts - they put themselves together and don't think anything of it.

With all of this outside my doorstep, I was wondering how/if my fashion had changed at all since moving here.  Overall, I think I have moved in a more classic direction - but this could be largely in part due to my nonexistent home storage.  When you have to fit absolutely everything in 400 square feet, only have one closet (to share!) and also want it to look tidy and uncluttered, there are some sacrifices to be made.  The clothes are the first thing to be paired down. I've come to appreciate that.  You buy less and only buy it if you love it. But you can do so much with a few things and it doesn't mean it has to be boring.  Some classic pieces with simple accessories, a good lip and a fur vest every now and then goes a long way :)

I think that the quintessential Oxford look leans towards this kind of classic style.  Think layers.  Collared shirts under sweaters.  Vests.  Quality, classic shoes and underwhelming jewelry.  But classic.  For this look, I paired a white button-up with a cream sweater, and again, classic and neutral.  The wear-everywhere amazing coat (that was a Christmas gift from Luke) is my absolute favourite.  Always pair with a scarf in this country (good for the wind, the misty days, and the under-heated buildings!).  With an umbrella in your purse, you're good to go :)

For today's post I'me excited to be partnering with some other bloggers.  These girls are from across the U.S. and are sharing how their city influences their fashion/characteristic fashion trends of their cities.  Cool, right?!  Definitely check out their posts!

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- Update: the winner is Kaitlin Clancy!  Congrats :)

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