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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

 I really love participating in the B Bar's monthly link-up.  You connect with inspiring bloggers and get to discuss great topics (past posts - what I couldn't live without and summer essentials.)  I got to this month's topic, however, and was stumped:

What are your hidden talents?

Well, crap.  I put off writing this for a while and it caused a serious wallow one night of "I don't think I haaaaaave aaaaanny!".  But surely something would come to me.  Maybe I was thinking too grand?!  Like in our YouTube day and age surely we are all closet/shower singers ready to be the next big thing (which, by the way, have you read about the new lead singer for Journey?!).  

I continued to think about it.  I play the piano.   I called it a day after Grade 8.
I can carry a tune.  But usually only sing with friends/sister and it's nothing groundbreaking. 

I still  needed to go smaller - quirky maybe?!  But I can't do any celebrity impressions.  Though I can do the Elvis lip.

But then, I caaaan do some hand-lettering.  Not exactly calligraphy style, as I like to do my own thing with it.  I like to make words pretty.  Signs are exciting.  Nothing gets me more than a labelled charcuterie board.  In fact, I just completed the save-the-dates and invitation lettering for our wedding in my calligraphy-sudo writing.  I didn't hate the process and I can say that I love the final result!

So, a hidden talent?  My Gran thinks so.  She brings her guest book each time she sees me so that I can write the next header.  You know - "Christmas, 2015", "Spring Luncheon", etc.  So if Gran thinks so I'm going to take it!
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